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Three Sheets Two the Wind (click to view image)

Advantage of buying the brand Three Sheets Two the Wind Sheets VS. the Competition

Stone Washed- They won’t get those little hard balls called pilling.

Deep pockets- Designed for an extra thick mattress, these are 2 inches deeper than the competition.

Upgraded elastic fitted band- They will stay on your bed. The elastic is 5/8” thick where as the competition’s is 1/4” to 3/8” thick.

Still light weight but a heavier material- Our 1500 tc weighs 110 grams per sq. meter. They will not rip or tear. The competition’s 1500 tc weighs 65-85 grams per sq. meter.

Quality border-The  border is on 4 pillow cases and the top sheet. Competition does not put a border on the top sheet.

Pillow cases- A flap is sewn in to hold the pillow in place.

Seams- Reinforced double stitching. Competitions are mostly single stitching.

Wrinkle free- They wash and dry without shrinkage or wrinkling.

Warrantee- Backed by a 5 yr. warrantee against manufacture defects. Competition has no warrantee.

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